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Eight Great Bushwalks to Kick off Spring

We all love a good road trip here at CarLoans, but sometimes it’s great to get out and stretch the legs and do some exploring on foot. No matter what capital city you’re near, Australia offers some simply splendid bushwalks, here are our...

Cars of the Future: Frankfurt Motorshow Wrap-up

The Frankfurt motor show is one of the biggest international car shows on the automotive calendar. This is where almost all car manufacturers head to show off their latest and greatest cars, technologies, and future concepts. For 2017, it was...

Top ten advances in engine technology

Engine technology has come a very long way over the decades, from two-valve systems with gravity-fed combustion mixtures to the modern-day fuel injection systems. There’s also been an influx in electric vehicle technology, completely eliminating the...

Top ten most expensive cars for sale in Australia

We've all wondered what kind of car we'd buy if money was no object. So, out of all of the brand new vehicles currently on sale in Australia, what are the top 10 most expensive you could possibly buy? Here's the list in ascending order of...

Five Father's Day gift ideas for car-mad dads

It’s not always easy to get the right gift for Father’s Day, but there are a few key categories that are almost always a safe bet; Socks, BBQ tools and of course, car related novelty items. Being the automotive finance experts we thought we could do...

What's on: events around Australia this August

If you’ve got kids sometimes it can feel like you never get any time for yourself. Between being the family taxi and keeping them busy on the holidays, it can be hard to find time to see and do the things you really want to do. So this August, with...

Fixed rate car loans V.S. variable rate car loans

Most financiers that provide car loans only offer fixed rates, but there are a few that will only offer variable rate car loans and some that will give you the option of fixed or variable.

Five tips to selecting the best car finance broker

There is a large selection of car finance brokers you could use for your next car loan. But how can you tell if the one you’ve selected one you can trust?

Should I use a finance broker for my first car loan?

With the help of an experienced, qualified finance broker, you don’t need to stress so much about the paperwork and application for your car loan. As your finance broker could advise what is required and guide you through the processes and maze of...

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