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Ten reasons why Australia's Tradies love the Toyota Hilux

The Toyota HiLux has enjoyed years of success here in Australia. It's consistently the best-selling commercial vehicle on sale, far exceeding sales of any other ute or van on the market. In fact, its the best-selling vehicle in Australia overall,...

Top ten fastest road-legal cars of all time

Before a car can set any sort of official top speed record, the manufacturer has to have produced at least 20 examples for the mass market. The run itself must also be done in two opposing directions with the two top speeds averaged out. And the car...

What is a low-doc car loan?

The terms ‘low-doc loans’ or ‘self-declaration loans’ started in the home loan industry and refer to a loan product that requires less documentation than what would normally be required of an applicant. When it comes to low-doc car loans there are...

Could I refinance my car loan for a lower rate?

When you enter into most secured car loans, you’re normally signing up for fixed interest rate agreement where the interest rate on your contract stays the same for the whole loan term. While this is great for managing your repayments, often...

Rent-to-own cars in Australia - whats the deal?

Rent-to-own cars could be an option available to those who may not fit normal car loan financier’s criteria. They are a Consumer Lease product, which in the past have allowed the rent-to-own car providers evade certain requirements, as their lending...

What are the restrictions on cars that can be financed

If you’re thinking about taking out car finance, you probably have a particular vehicle in mind that you would like to purchase. But will you be able to get the car you’ve got your eye on? Will it qualify for finance?

How do I get a car loan if I'm a discharged bankrupt?

There aren’t many lenders that will give you a second chance straight after you’ve been discharged from a bankruptcy. If at all possible, you should look at purchasing a cheap used vehicle outright. If that’s not an option, you’re going to want to...

Our top ten small cars made for the city

These days small cars have a depth of engineering that results from a staggering amount of competition. Safety, driving dynamics and creature comforts are generally top-notch in premium and non-premium small-medium cars alike.

Top ten safest family cars for kids

Almost all vehicles on the market these days come with the assurance of five-star ANCAP safety. This means it surpasses the technology and safety standards of today. Keeping your family as safe as possible is the on the top of every parents list, so...

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