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Can I get a car loan with a 457 Visa?

The short answer is, yes! But it's not as simple as applying for a loan as a Citizen or Permanent Resident.

What is a car loan comparison rate?

A comparison rate is used when advertising finance rates or repayments. It is not to be confused with an interest rate, as this is the rate shown on a finance contract and that rate that your repayments will be calculated for. A comparison rate is...

Five ways to secure finance with bad credit

Good preparation before applying for finance with bad credit is key to getting good service, a good rate and the finance you need. You’re asking for a second chance, so it’s important to give them a reason to give you one. Here are our top five tips...

Five tips that may help you get a better interest rate

Unlike home loans, credit cards or unsecured personal loans where one interest rate is offered to all customers. motor financiers often determine their interest rates on a case by case basis for each individual customer. Actual interest rates are...

Five ways to establish a credit history

When any financier is assessing a new loan application, one thing that is considered is the experience of the applicant’s previous borrowing history. This can make options more limited for someone who has not had any form of credit in the past. We...

Car loans for non-residents working in Australia

Most car loan lenders require their customers to be permanent residents or citizens of Australia in order to lend funds. This can be quite difficult for people on extended working or student visas who require a vehicle. The good news is, there are...

Five tips for a smooth car loan application

When you are arranging car finance, you should carefully consider all of the options on the table before signing the finance application on the dotted line and driving your new car off the showroom floor. Here are our top five most important things...

No credit check car loans in Australia

There are only a few providers in the market that provide no credit check car loans in Australia, meaning they will not run a check on your credit file. This can be useful for those in need of a car loan without the ability to obtain a loan from any...

Five times you might want to consider a balloon payment

A balloon payment is a large lump sum last repayment at the end of your loan term. Most common with business use loans, but they are available to personal use loans in some cases.

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