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Our top ten small cars made for the city

These days small cars have a depth of engineering that results from a staggering amount of competition. Safety, driving dynamics and creature comforts are generally top-notch in premium and non-premium small-medium cars alike.

Top ten brand new cars under $30,000

Whether you're looking your first new car, or a new family car. These ten vehicles should fit the bill. They tick all the major boxes, with strong safety credentials, up-to-date connectivity options, low running costs and easy everyday driving.

Top ten cars perfect for small families

For decades, if you'd asked any Australian what a 'family car' was you would get a very clear definition; a big Australian-made six-cylinder sedan or wagon. Now that we're well into the 21st century, that answer has fractured into several pieces....

Ten great 7-seat cars for growing families

If you have a big family and are looking at 7-seat cars, luck is on your side. There are a number of highly worthy options on the market at the moment, suitable for a wide range of purposes. Here are our top 10 seven-seat family cars (in no...

Six things to look for in your next family car

If your car trips resemble a journey through all nine circles of hell then it’s time to wake up and smell the rear air-con, my friends! These days’ family cars are designed with actual families in mind, which means loads of boot space, built-in...

Ten reasons Australian's love the Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe is one of the best SUVs on the market at the moment, thanks to its extensive list of features, good powertrains with most models coming with an on-demand all-wheel drive system, and excellent overall value. Here are our top 10...

Our top ten 4WDs for family adventures

Australia is a big country and a great one to explore. However, it takes a great four wheel drive vehicle to reach all corners of this wide brown land.

Top ten family friendly station wagons

There was a time when station wagons were considered the kings of practicality and usefulness. Usually based on a popular sedan, the wagon gives you the freedom to go for elaborate road trips, move furniture and equipment or even hunt for antiques...

Tesla Model S - The ultimate family car?

Tempted by a Tesla but can’t justify the price tag? Why not use your kids to help rationalise the expense? After all, nothing vindicates a $200,000 outlay like 894 litres of boot space. That’s, like, four Bugaboos.

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