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Interest Rates

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Five tips that may help you get a better interest rate

Unlike home loans, credit cards or unsecured personal loans where one interest rate is offered to all customers. motor financiers often determine their interest rates on a case by case basis for each individual customer. Actual interest rates are...

Everything you need to know about car loan interest rates

The most common question we are asked as a finance brokers is, “what is your interest rate?”

Car loans for non-residents working in Australia

Most car loan lenders require their customers to be permanent residents or citizens of Australia in order to lend funds. This can be quite difficult for people on extended working or student visas who require a vehicle. The good news is, there are...

Personal Loans V.S. Secured Car Loans

The main differences between personal loans and secured car loans are that a personal loan can be used for many different purposes whereas a secured car loan is for the purpose of purchasing a vehicle. The other main difference is that with a...

Five tips on negotiating your car loan rate

Everyone wants to get the best interest rates for themselves, and why do some people obtain better interest rates than others?  Here are some tips to help you negotiate the best car loan interest rates for yourself.

Super-low interest rate car loans

There is a lot of advertising from many car manufacturers offering really cheap interest rates, below 3%, on car loans. What most people don’t know until they get into the dealership is all the restrictions and criteria they’ll have to fulfil in...

Five ways to improve your interest rate if you have bad credit

If you've had credit difficulties in the past, you may still be able to access good car loan interest rates depending on what exactly is on your file and the steps you take prior to applying for a loan. Here are our top five ways to put your best...

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