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Five tips to selecting the best car finance broker

There is a large selection of car finance brokers you could use for your next car loan. But how can you tell if the one you’ve selected one you can trust?

Could I refinance my car loan for a lower rate?

When you enter into most secured car loans, you’re normally signing up for fixed interest rate agreement where the interest rate on your contract stays the same for the whole loan term. While this is great for managing your repayments, often...

How do I use my car allowance to get a car loan?

Many employers these days are offering car allowances as opposed to company cars, as then the employee is required to go and take out a form of car loan for themselves and if their employment ceased with their current employer, the car loan carries...

What are balloon payments?

A residual value or balloon payment is a term originating from lease agreements. The residual value is a forecasted depreciated value of your asset at the end of your lease term. The residual values have set guidelines in place for motor vehicles...

Five tips that may help you get a better interest rate

Unlike home loans, credit cards or unsecured personal loans where one interest rate is offered to all customers. motor financiers often determine their interest rates on a case by case basis for each individual customer. Actual interest rates are...

Car loans for non-residents working in Australia

Most car loan lenders require their customers to be permanent residents or citizens of Australia in order to lend funds. This can be quite difficult for people on extended working or student visas who require a vehicle. The good news is, there are...

Can I get a car loan if I've declared bankruptcy

When you declare bankruptcy it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to access any form of car financing.

Am I able to pay out my loan early?

Are you able to payout your loan early? What are the consequences?

Purchasing and financing cars from a private seller

If you’re looking to finance a car bought from a private seller, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you get started. Otherwise you could find yourself being offered an unsecured loan with a much higher interest rate than you could...

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