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Could I refinance my car loan for a lower rate?

When you enter into most secured car loans, you’re normally signing up for fixed interest rate agreement where the interest rate on your contract stays the same for the whole loan term. While this is great for managing your repayments, often...

Can I refinance a car loan with bad credit?

There aren’t too many options in regards to refinancing a car loan with bad credit. Most motor financiers won’t even allow a refinance of a standard car loan. There could be ways around this though, as long as your current bad credit car loan has...

Five times you might want to consider a balloon payment

A balloon payment is a large lump sum last repayment at the end of your loan term. Most common with business use loans, but they are available to personal use loans in some cases.

Am I able to pay out my loan early?

Are you able to payout your loan early? What are the consequences?

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